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This week’s headlines


School Fall Festival a success


By Lance Hickey


LES – Leicester Elementary School hosted its annual Fall Festival at the school, affording kids, families and students the opportunity to enjoy a night out with games, food and inflatables.


“In terms of what we’re trying to do, I think a lot of schools use this to kind of generate funds and their primary focus is to do something that brings in money, but that is not really a concern of ours,” said Leicester Elementary School Principal Chad Upton. “We’re just trying to take advantage of the fact that we have a community that’s been established here for a long time and it’s simply about trying to find a way to make something happen to bring everybody together again, and to do it in a way that’s different than what we sort of have to do during the school day.”


The festival was on October 27 and was free to the public. “We make it a free event on purpose,” said festival coordinator Amy Vaughn. “There’s no admission. They can do the inflatables for free, play all the games for free. The only thing that they pay for is the food,” said Vaughn, a first grade teacher who has been teaching at the school for 21 years. The main goal is for it to be a free event so that everyone feels like they can come and have that community.”


The school does not generate profits from the festival, according to Vaughn. The goal for the coordinators of the event is to break even with food sales. Read more...


Last Week’s Headlines


Local man one of the elite firefighters


By Chad Nesbitt


Leicester – There is a new movie out called “Only The Brave.” It’s about a group of elite firefighters who fight fires in the mountains. Sometimes these men are dropped into fires via a parachute and they stay in the woods for days, making sure these fires don’t destroy homes. They call in airplanes to drop hundreds of gallons of water on fires just like a military soldier would call in an airstrike.


The movie depicts real-life actions of these firefighters and one of these real-life heroes is from Leicester. His name is Benjamin Ray. Ray is from the Turkey Creek area of Leicester and went to Erwin High School.


Ray, 23 years old, is part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Woodland Firefighters. There are 20 firefighters in his team. Just to become one of these firefighters, Ray had to go through rigorous training and boot camp. In addition to heavy firefighting knowledge, a firefighter trainee has to meet certain physical requirements. Read more...


Past Headlines


Student raises money

for K-9 unit


By Chad Nesbitt


Leicester – Averee Fox is a 9-year-old student at Leicester Elementary School. She saw a news report about the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department trying to raise money for flak jacket “vests” for their K9 dog officers. Averee was so inspired she raised $255 by going door-to-door in her neighborhood.


She presented the money to the group Stand Tall, which is the primary fundraising group helping the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department. She also got the opportunity to meet the dogs at Jackson Park in Hendersonville.


In addition to the $255 and with the help of her dad, Corey Fox, Averee got Budweiser of Asheville to purchase an entire vest for K-9 Officer Maik. “These puncture-resistant vests cost upwards of $1,800,” said Ron Kauffman, chairman of Stand Tall. Read more...


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