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This week’s headlines


Community holds BBQ for chief


By Clint Parker

Erwin Hills – Members of the community turned out to a barbecue and singing fundraiser held on Saturday (Aug. 5) to help raise money for former Woodfin Police Chief and Leicester resdient Brett Holloman, who is battling cancer.

The menu included smoked barbecue, baked beans, slaw, drink and a dessert with musical entertainment provided by Branded Heart. The event was held at Victory Baptist Church, Holloman’s home church on Olivette Road.

While Holloman has been in a fight for the last 20 years with the disease, it recently returned. He underwent surgery and is now recovering from those medical procedures. He recently retired from the Town of Woodfin where he has been the chief.

Unofficial totals are that about 400 meals were served and the event raised just over $11,000. “On behalf of the Holloman family, Victory Baptist Church and the Town of Woodfin we thank all of you that came out to support and provided the countless donations and supplies to put this together. It was truly a work of God to put it all together,” Randy Ratcliff, who was one of the fundraiser organizers, told the Tribune.


Last Week’s Headlines


Teenager joins the National Guard


By Chad Nesbitt


Leicester – A 2017 Erwin High School graduate, Zachary Thompson, boarded a plane and shipped off to boot camp last week as he joined the United States Army National Guard.


Thompson said, “I love my country and ever since I was young I have always looked up to people in the military.” Private Thompson will have 10 weeks of basic training but a total of 19 weeks before he comes home. Thompson’s mother, Connie Davis, said, “I am overwhelmed” with “ecstatic pride.”


Thompson was an ROTC graduate at Erwin. ROTC Chief Gutierez, who taught Thompson, said, “Zackary has a really good attitude and I have the utmost respect for that young man. He is as respectful a person as I ever had.” Chief Gutierez says that “less than one percent” of ROTC cadets join the military.


Leicester resident and Korean War Veteran Scotty Jackson said, “This young man has guts and obviously loves his country. Most of these boys out here are more concerned about which nostril they’re gonna pierce with an earring than they are about our Constitution and American freedoms.” “[I’m] proud of our community that we are turning out people love our country,” said Jackson. Read more...


Past Headlines


Eliada home reveals its future plans


By Dasha Morgan

Leicester – Eliada Home, a non-profit agency serving the children and families of the area, held a business corridor lunch to inform the community of its future plans. Lucy Murphy and Frank Taylor spoke to the luncheon group, who represented businesses including the luncheon sponsor TD Bank, Paramount Kia, Dig Local, HR Block, Edward Jones, Land of Sky, The United Way and others.

Taylor and Murphy spoke of the new child development center, the Growing Dome and the Corn Maze. They told the group of partnership opportunities with businesses and individuals to help the home grow. Such growth will give an even brighter future to the children in their care, many of whom have lived in crisis and need a stable environment. Eliada currently has over 600 children coming through its five programs with more anticipated next year. They welcome any volunteers or any community participation in their activities.

Frank Taylor, Chief Business Development Officer, spoke of the plans to put a Growing Dome greenhouse on the property, which will be 42 feet in diameter with 1,300 square feet of floor area. The height will be 16 feet 6 inches. It is to be an educational center for the children to learn about gardening, growing and selling fresh produce, and will also provide fresh vegetables for them to eat.

In addition, the geodesic greenhouse will be a way to bring in more income for Eliada as the produce is sold. The current plan is to grow hydroponic lettuce in quantity and possibly other herbs or vegetables. Many ideas are being considered.

Taylor expressed how much pleasure it gives him to see the kids’ delight when vegetables “pop up” in a very short period of time. Apparently, the visible results of planting seeds hydroponically are much faster than just putting a seed in the ground. With these quick results, the students can relate to this method of growing more easily. He said, “This greenhouse is undeniably the right thing to do.” He loves teaching and sees this new geodesic dome as a huge step forward for these kids and for Eliada Home. Read more...


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