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This week’s headline

Cole named West Buncombe Firefighter of the Year

 by James Matthews


The West Buncombe Fire Department named their Firefighter of the Year recently.
Jeff Cole was named Firefighter of the Year for 2014, after being selected by a majority vote of the membership of the department.


“It’s a big honor. I was surprised to have the majority voting for me,” Cole said. “There are some very active and sharp and talented people here. It was definitely a surprise.”
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Last week’s headline

More charges against Owens

By James Matthews


Additional charges were added to suspected murderer Robert Jason Owens, Tuesday (April 7).
Two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of destroying remains to conceal death, all of which are considered felonies, were added to his list of existing charges, which include two counts of first degree murder and murder of an unborn child.
The four new charges are dated March 12 the date that is widely believed to have been the time frame for the murders of Cristie and JT Codd. Read more...

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