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The Weaverville Tribune :: Leicester Leader

This week’s headlines


Biz expansion kicked off with VIP event



Leicester – The owners of Furniture Specialities, April and Bryan Fore held a special VIP event Friday evening (Aug. 10) at their company at the corner of New Leicester Highway and Ramsey Road. 



Last Week’s Headlines



Republican candidates work to rally their base


Leicester – Thursday evening, July 26 was a big night for the Leicester Community Center, where it hosted the first of several “meet the candidate” events for the Republican Party. Buncombe County Republicans “are putting on these events in the various areas of Buncombe County,” according to Marilyn Brown, candidate for NC House District 116. About 65 to 75 people turned out to the meeting. Read more...


Past Headlines


“Working Class, No-frills” diner to open in Leicester



Leicester - Western North Carolina will soon house the region’s first French-inspired diner serving Northern-American cuisine, according to young chef Dan Silo.

“The part [of opening this restaurant] that really appeals to me is that there’s that sort of country tradition with the classic French influence. It creates some really cool synergy in terms of dishes and flavors,” says Silo, who has been cooking professionally for at least a decade, starting in his hometown of Albany, New York.

“I really developed the inkling that I wanted to cook and be around food pretty young,” Silo confessed. “I worked at a grocery store back home in Albany, and that’s the thing that started it.” Silo is no stranger to having talented home cooks in his family. Read more...

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