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Insurance costs are too dang high!


By Clint Parker, Editor & Publisher


I relatively recently got insurance for myself after being without it for more than 15 years. I’m getting older and I’ve also got some of those problems that come along with living and not taking care of yourself so I’m not cheap to insure.
Several years ago the largest health insurance provider said they would insure me at the tune of $900 plus a month. That was way more than the rest of my family combined. Much more than
I could pay. So I just went on my merry way, praying to God that nothing major happened, but always looking.
Last year, I ran across Inclusive Health Care for those who are hard to insure. Cost $218 per month and it covered 100% after the $5,000. I bought it and was happy to get it. I also told my father-inlaw about it and he got in at about $275 per month. For him it was a God send as he ended up having to have a stint put in his heart.
However, I just received a letter that the state is dropping the plan and that it is going national. Not sure if that is a result of the Republicans in Raleigh or the Obamacare, but I was told to wait for a letter about my new policy.
Well, that letter came last week and the new price tag for the same thing I had is now $437 per month. More than a $200 increase. But if you think that’s bad, my father-in-law is the one with sticker shock.
His went from the $275 per month to $575 per month. Woooo! What is boils down to is that health insurance costs are just too dang high!
The problem is just not with those of us having to pay, but with
those having to collect from the insurance companies and some doctors have chosen to just get away from insurance altogether.
According to a Newsmax article, “Two to three decades ago, physicians’ offices paid out 15 to 30 percent of their revenue to filling out insurance forms, Business Insider reports. Today, it’s above 60 percent and expected to climb once the Affordable Care Act takes effect in January 2014.”
The report goes on to say that “Dr. Michael Ciampi, a family physician in Portland, Maine, stopped accepting all forms of insurance in April. That included Medicare and Medicaid.” And “Dr. Robert Tomsett of Nashville cut staff after losing 75 percent of his patients, but noted, ‘I am able to spend more time with each patient than any other time in my career.’”
So what are the costs like at one of these doctors? It’s monthly just like insurance and I read about one doctor who was charging $10 for children per month, $50 for patients 45 years and younger and $100 per month for 46 and older. He also had low costs on tests too, as little as $3 for some and an MRI for $400.
I’ve always believed that medical costs were so high because of insurance and the over use of something that “since your paying for it, you might as well use it.”
All I know is that it’s costing way too much to get sick so you should stay healthy every chance you get because its getting to where a person can’t afford to go to the doctor without mortgaging his life.

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