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This Week’s Headline

Convenience stores robbed at gunpoint!

by James Matthews


A convenience store in Weaverville was robbed last week.
The Market Center convenience store on Stockton Branch Road was held up at gunpoint Tuesday (February 24).
The stick up occurred at 11 pm. According to a Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a perpetrator entered the store brandishing a “black/blue” firearm and “forced victim to do/open register.” The report indicates that the perpetrator entered through a side door.
The perp then proceeded to get away with $380.59 in cash and a carton of cigarettes, valued at $35. The report states that $415.59 total was stolen.

On Friday (February 27), sheriff’s office public information officer Natalie Bailey released a statement, indicating that investigators were seeking additional information.“The subject is wanted for questioning in relation to an armed robbery.”
The sheriff’s office is currently investigating the robbery.
A second convenience store in the Alexander community was robbed Sunday night (March 1).


For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of the Weaverville Tribune.


Last Week’s Headlines

Contentious UDO absent from agenda

by James Matthews


The Town of Weaverville held its monthly council meeting on Monday evening (February 23).
Conspicuously absent from the agenda was any mention of the Unified Development Ordnance (UDO) and during public comment, resident Donna Bollinger stated, “I can’t tell you how much time, energy, emotion and effort have been extended trying to defeat the UDO. Read more...





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