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This week’s headline


Slow down on rainy days

by James Matthews

Apparently we’ve been without rain for too long because people have forgotten to slow down
when it does. A pair of wrecks on I-26 were the result of poor conditions, according to Woodfin Police. The wrecks occurred on I-26 east-bound toward Asheville near the Elk Mountain Road exit, which occurred on Friday (September 25) just after 10 pm. The first wreck involved Samuel Gerrod Haun, 34, of Johnson City, Tennessee, and Tara D’Alene Spurgeon, 42, of Waxhaw, NC.
According to a report filed by Woodfin Officer Chris Stockton, vehicle one, driven by Haun, “began to brake to slow behind vehicle number two [Spurgeon]. He stated that he then realized that they were slowing much faster than he was. He stated that he then pressed the brake harder and steered to the left to avoid colliding with vehicle number two. He stated that his brakes locked up and he began to slide.”
Haun’s vehicle turned perpendicular and “the front right corner struck the guardrail in the median. [Haun] continued to slide perpendicular to the lanes of travel and the back right corner of [Haun’s vehicle] struck the back left corner of [Spurgeon’s vehicle].” Read more...


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Weaverville 911
Weaverville 911
Weaverville 911
Jug Football Game
Jug Football Game
Art in Autumn
Art in Autumn
Art in Autumn
Art in Autumn

Last week’s headline


Safety motivates town to spend $58K on mowers

by James Matthews

The Weaverville Town Council met for their monthly meeting where they discussed the purchase of slope mowers for $58,000, among other
items, Monday (September 22). The council voted to appropriate $58,000 for the purchase of two slope mowers. New town manager Selena Coffey explained that the action came as a result of a recent visit by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). “It was a requested visit, not a compliance visit,” she explained. “We were not given any deficiencies. However, this will come back as a deficiency if we do not do something about it.” Public Works Director Tony Laughter added more background about the OHSA visit. “For over nine years now we have purchased ‘z-turn’ and walk behind [mowers]. We have used those safely and without incident,” he said. However, citing several recent fatal accidents throughout the state, Laughter noted that the zero-turn or ‘z-turn’ mowers are being closely scrutinized for the safety while mowing slopes. Listing off areas that cannot be mowed with the current equipment that the town owns, Laughter noted that approximately 2/3 of town-owned property, such as Lake Louise Park, The Main Street Nature Park, public works facility and the water department facilities, cannot be mowed with the equipment they have.
“To give you an idea, I believe it was three years ago, I was at public works. We had a voluntary inspection and the OSHA representatives looked at our equipment and said ‘boy, you really have nice equipment. Nothing was said about the zturns,” Laughter explained. “Some times that depends on the pet-peeve of the OSHA inspector, and this particular inspector was an investigator at one of the deaths. So that’s one of the reasons why it’s high on their priority list.” Read more...


Past headlines


Town hosts 9/11 memorial

by James Matthews

To commemorate the tragic events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York 14 years ago
and to honor all first responders and military, the Town of Weaverville hosted its Patriots Day event.
The event saw the Reuter Center singers and the Asheville Fire Department Pipe and Drum band performing, with the colors presented by Boy Scouts from Weaverville’s Troop 15. Read more...


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