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This week’s headline


Development BOOMS

By Heather Berry

Weaverville – The Monticello Road area is full of construction activity, if Monday’s town council water line extension requests and information provided from Buncombe County Planning and Zoning is any indication. Council members and some residents voiced concerns over the impact these water line extensions will have on the town.

A new Sonic restaurant and two, separate, Monticello Road apartment complexes with plans for more than 400 apartments are in the works. Talk of a new hotel for the area has also surfaced.

The Sonic is designated for a property near Telco, 34 Northcrest Road, behind Walmart. Water extension for the project has been granted by council. According to Public Works Director Tony Laughter, the project has a few more steps to take before construction to begin, but expects a completed project within as little as three months.

Blue Ridge Crossing is planned for the area between Monticello and Garrison Branch roads. The apartment complex project was approved for a water line extension by town council Monday. Each unit will receive an estimated 229 gallons of water on average per unit, Laughter told council.

The complex will include 244 apartment units with a pool, dog park, walking trails and other amenities, according to information provided to council. Broken down, the complex will have 94 one-bedroom units, 112 two-bedroom units and 18 three-bedroom units.Read more...


Last week’s headlines


Exclusive details about

accused molester

By Heather Berry

Weaverville – Randy Len Bradburn, 47, of Weaverville, was arrested June 10 on two felony counts of indecent liberties with a child. Warrants for these felony counts were dated July 27, 2015, according to a Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department arrest report. While the report also shows Bradburn’s address on Locust Grove Road, a source close to Bradburn has spoken to the Tribune and confided Bradburn has been homeless since December, along with providing other details surrounding the arrest.

According to the source, who asked to remain anonymous, Bradburn was asked to leave his home in December and has been living out of his car, a blue Ford Focus, since this time. Family members, said the source, have noticed Bradburn’s car parked in the Walmart parking in recent months.

Leslie Wright, a Walmart spokesperson, said the store has no knowledge of Bradburn living in the parking lot currently. Wright said the company policy, when a similar problem arises, is to contact authorities. “This isn’t a common complaint, but when it does come up, we work with authorities. The safety of our customers and associates always comes to mind,” she said. “We have no knowledge of any homeless individuals living in the parking lot at this time,” she added.Read more...


Past headlines


Lake Louise development protested

Group explores

legal action

By Emily Ostertag

Weaverville — A group of Lake Louise residents gathered in front of the Weaverville Town Hall around 9:30 a.m. Thursday to protest the proposed development of 21 homes at 97 Lakeshore Drive. Protesters met the night before at the Weaverville Community Center to discuss the proposed development.

“It’s nice to have housing for people, and affordable housing, because that’s what this project is,” Lake Louise resident Thomas Veasey said. “But not right in the showcase of your town, which is that park,” he added.

Some protesters said a Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting was scheduled for Thursday morning, but, according to Al Root, head of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, no meeting took place. Instead, according to Root, a meeting between Mayfair Partners (developers on the project), Town Manager Selena Coffey and town staff was being held to discuss proposed changes to parking.Read more...


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