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Residents speak out about short-term rental issue


By Clint Parker


It’s been awhile, but this month’s Woodfin Board of Aldermen meeting was one of those marathon meetings going four hours long. More than 75% of that was taken up by public comment from about 50 residents about the issue of short-term (less than 30 days) rental homes in residential neighborhoods.


However, the crowd at this month’s meeting was 180-degrees opposite from those at last month’s meeting. Most of the residents at this meeting showed up to speak in favor of short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.


In the May, meeting about 25 resident showed up to ask for a ban on short-term rentals of homes in residential communities. At that meeting, the aldermen voted to send a proposal to ban the short-term rentals to the planning and zoning board who, at their meeting on June 1, voted to recommend the ban.


Aldermen had it on the agenda to discuss at this month’s meeting and, after hearing from citizens, voted to form a task force made up of residents from the community to study the issue and get back to them. Read the complete report in next week’s issue of the Weaverville Tribune, since the meeting occurred after this week’s issue went to press.

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