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This week’s headline


Shelton leaves Hawks for Lions


NBHS – North Buncombe High School Band Director Andrew Shelton has left the home of the Black Hawks for the home of the Lions, the Mars Hill University Lions that is.


Shelton has been hired as director of bands and instructor of music at his alma mater where he graduated in 2007. He fills the position opened with the retirement of long-time band director Mike Robinson. Shelton did his graduate studies at the New England Conservatory and Columbus State University. He has served as the North Buncombe High School band director since 2012. Read more...


Last week’s headlines


70 years on their way to forever together


By Clint Parker

Weaverville – Ormand and Daphne Williams received friends and family at the Brian Center in Weaverville as they celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary Sunday (June 25).

Ormand, 94, whose parents were from Weaverville, was born in South Carolina as his dad was working for the YMCA, but moved back to the Weaverville area when he was three or four years old. Ormand is a veteran of World War II and served in the Army.

In 1944 he was wounded in Italy and sent back to the states. He went to Kentucky to attend college at Berea College. While there he met Daphne Miller, a college sophomore, from West Virginia. They were married on June 28, 1947.

Was it love at first sight? “Oh yeah, it sure was!” said Ormand with Daphne, 93, by his side chuckling and adding, “Yeah it was. Still is.”

Asked what they owe the longevity of their marriage to, Ormand said, “Well we both believe in the Lord and I think that has a lot to do with it.” Read more...


Past headlines


Woodfin chief back in battle with old foe

Woodfin – Woodfin Police Chief Brett Holloman is a fighter, as a 27-year member of the department. He’s battled crime every day at work and along the way he’s fought another foe...cancer.

According to the story as told by Melissa, Holloman’s wife, on a page, Holloman “ many things: a father, a friend, a son, a brother, a husband and a poppa!”

“Several years ago Brett found himself in a fight he never saw coming - Leukemia! He was young, had two small children, a wife, and many other responsibilities, but the only way for survival was a Bone Marrow Transplant,” says Melissa.

Holloman found a donor for a transplant, but Melissa says he “fell in the 3% of people whose graft doesn’t completely take! Brett has been battling cancer and transplant issues for 20 years!”

Since February of this year Holloman has been in the hospital six times, with varying lengths of stay from one week to three consecutive weeks each time. “He was very, very sick and things really didn’t look to offer a positive outcome. His doctor even had some serious concerns about survival,” says Melissa. The stays have taken a toll personally and financially.

Two of the stays since February have been to travel to Baptist Hospital. “He has a place on his head that needs to be removed, he may potentially need knee surgery again and all of this will continue to keep us both out of work! He has elevated liver functions, an elevated thyroid, weak kidneys and allover pain and discomfort! He is on oxygen at home and still at times struggles to breathe,” explains Melissa. Read more...


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