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This Week’s Headlines:

Board hears comments to help clean up creek

By James Matthews


The Woodfin Board of Aldermen held their monthly meeting, where they heard a public comment asking for help in keeping a creek clean.
Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Giezentanner was temporarily recognized as assuming the duties of the mayor, since Mayor Jerry VeHaun was being recognized for his services to the community at UNC-Asheville).

The town then heard the public comment from Maria Panagiotopoulos of Breckenridge Parkway. “I’m here to say a few words concern the flood I had many times at my house,” she said. “I have the worst problem, guys, with the trash in the creek.” She claimed that while certain erosion problems could not be addressed, she felt that the trash could be. Read more...


Last Week’s Headline

House suffers fire damage

by James Matthews


Firefighters were called to a home in Woodfin after a fire tore through a room in their house on Monday evening (April 7).
The fire at 47 Fox Rd. destroyed a laundry room. The West Buncombe Fire Department responded, led by Fire Chief Randy Ratcliff.
He noted that in the time it took him to drive to the house, located on Fox Drive, and start down the driveway, the fire was put out.

He estimates it was under control within three minutes. The cause of the fire was in large part due to a melted water line to a washing machine. Firefighters from West Buncombe and Woodfin were there to ensure that no lingering hot spots or flare-ups caused further damage to the house. Read more...





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